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Pheromone Perfume oil

The lightly fragranced oil absorbs quickly and leaves the skin soft to the touch, blending perfectly with your body’s chemistry. Make it your signature scent, and leave a mark wherever you go — a timeless, unforgettable impression.


Pheromone Perfume Spray

Pure Instinct's pheromone perfume spray is designed to enhance your natural body chemistry, creating a unique and personal scent that boosts your mood and confidence when pursuing loveand romance.


Why they all love us

Real People, Real Experience

Release your natural pheromones
We put on Pure Instinct and tricked guys into buying us drinks. It worked perfectly! 🤩
It smells fresh, welcoming and yummy
If you’re going on a date, and you want a little extra something to help you to get someone’s attention, please wear this.✨
I got so much attention more than I ever have
Pheromone perfume oil is supposed to attract the opposite sex, and I got so much attention the first time I tried it!
It’s literally a magic in the bottle
It contains pheromones within a perfume oil, designed to attract attention toward you. 😉 Does it work? it Works!
My fiancé: you smell delicious!
My man loves the scent of Crave. He kept sniffing me and said that I smell delicious!
Crave rocks my world
The pheromones add a little touch that makes me like a magnet for attraction. 🧲
I didn’t think it’ll actually work
Basically, pheromones enhance your natural scent. After I applied Pure Instinct, I don’t know how it works, but I got lots of compliments. It was crazy!
This dangerous y'all
Crave smells so light and fruity; it gives me a really girly and feminine vibe, I like it!
More people start conversation with me every time I wear this
Do not get this pheromone oil if you’re not ready to be more attractive! Every time I wear it, I not only get more conversations but also people hold eye contact a lot longer.
My husband: you should wear that more often
Pheromone perfume is supposed to make men super attracted to you, and it smells really attractive to them. One day, I tested it out on my husband, and he loved it!
It smells really freaking good
It's sweet, fruity, sugary, and slightly musky. Once applied, the scent may evolve due to the pheromones, resulting in your own unique aroma.
It drives man crazy
There is seriously something in this bottle that drives men crazy. To test it out, I put it on and gave my boyfriend a hug, he said: you smell so good! 😳

What are Pheromones

Invisible chemicals emitted by humans — play an essential role in creating memories. By relieving stress, improving mood, and boosting confidence, they allow us to communicate instinctively while interacting with others.

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Our Story

Drawing inspiration from human senses and curated to inspire and rekindle human connections, Pure Instinct is a gateway fragrance to confidence, adventure, and unforgettable experiences.

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